Great Session on How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine


I received a wonderful invitation from the town of Frisco, Colorado to be a speaker as part of their town series. One of the managers at the Frisco Nordic Center, Bernie Frey, thought that this time of year is perfect to talk about health, wellness, fitness and how people can turn their bodies into Fat-Burning Machines. I was happy to speak at the Nordic Center, now managed by Olympian Jim Galanes.

There was a great turn out, with a wide range of people including non-athletes and athletes as well. Everyone was so friendly and inclusive. There were so many great questions, my normal…Read More »

January 2018 Registration Ends Today



If you want to change your body from fat-storing mode into a Fat-Burning Machine, the step by step plan begins this week. If you have any of the issues listed in the featured image, this course is for you.

The members that join the initial online course receive special pricing and lifetime benefits that won’t be offered again.

Don’t get left out, get started at the registration link HERE. 

 …Read More »

3 Tips to Get Your Kids (and Other Family Members) to Eat Healthy Foods


Trying to get kids to eat healthy foods can seem like an impossible task for parents. Heck, trying to get yourself to eat healthy foods can seem impossible. We are bombarded with sugary, processed foods at every turn. These foods are highly palatable and they can be addicting for some people.

How do you win the battle against junk food? These three tips can help:

Your palate is trainable. Obesity researchers know that humans have a predisposition to accept sweet tastes and reject sour and bitter tastes. However, our palates are…Read More »

Just 5% Body Weight Loss Cuts Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk


What does 5% weight loss look like?

If you currently weigh 150 pounds, losing just 7.5 pounds may help reduce your breast cancer risk. At 190 pounds, losing just 9.5 pounds is 5%. For round numbers, let’s say that if you weigh some 150 to 200 pounds, losing some 7.5 to 10 pounds can cut your risk for breast cancer. This is a relatively small weight loss range that results in tremendous benefits.

The numbers come from research that looked at 61,335 postmenopausal women between the age of 50 and 75 who had no history of breast cancer and had normal mammography…Read More »

5 Ways to Know Which Diet is Best for You


A quick search of the term “diet books” on Amazon yields 240,820 results. No wonder people have a hard time trying to figure out what diet is best. I think it is fair to say that there isn’t one diet that is best for every person on the planet. But how do you know what diet is best for you?

In this column are five ways to know if any particular diet is good for you.

  1. A Diet That’s Not a Diet

If you want long-term, sustainable results, you don’t need a quick-fix diet. Rather, you’re looking for an eating plan (a…Read More »

What are the Differences Between Paleo, Keto and Fat-Burning Machine Diets?


I know the differences between different diets can be confusing. I thought the easiest way to look at the differences between three of the most popular eating plans is to put them on a chart.

The food category is the left column of the chart, then each eating program is across the top of the chart. The differences between each eating program is marked by allowed, excluded (or not allowed) and limited.

You will notice the only item on the chart that is excluded from the Fat-Burning Machine program is sugar. There are six other categories that are considered limited. Let me…Read More »

The Dangers of a High Sugar Diet – Visual and Graphic


(Forewarned. There are graphic images of the damage sugar causes to human limbs. Continue at your own discretion.)

Before getting into the column, I have to tell you that I thought long and hard about posting this column. This is not my typical column content. At the same time, I felt the need to be bluntly honest about the risks of excess sugar consumption. I wanted the same bluntness that occurs with the risks of smoking.

When I was in grade school, I remember having presentations on the dangers of smoking. Instructors would bring glass boxes into class. One box contained…Read More »

Yogurt Labels – How You can be Mislead by Serving Size and Calories


In a previous post I compared two yogurt labels, different brands, where both serving sizes were 1 cup. One of the yogurts had nearly seven teaspoons of sugar in it!

In today’s post, I want to compare three yogurts from the same company – Dannon. The first yogurt is the Activia fat-free blueberry flavor, the second one is the plain whole milk, and the final one is whole fat plain Greek yogurt.

The first thing I find incredibly annoying and misleading is that the serving size for the Activa is 4 ounces, while the other two yogurts have serving sizes of…Read More »

Fat-Burning Machine is Going Live!

I’m excited to let you know that I’m going to do live training! It is an Accelerated Fat-Burning Machine course that lasts for 10 weeks. Let me know if there is a time that works best for you. (Survey link at the bottom.)

Over the last couple of years, I’ve done live training courses for local people. While the book is a great resource, I have found that many people want more guidance – a step-by-step plan with “bite-sized goals” to become a Fat-Burning Machine. Additionally people want to have a trusted source for questions. The most asked questions include those…Read More »