The Fat Burning Machine Diet Promises

The Fat Burning Machine Diet will change your life in unexpected ways. Not only will you lose weight and achieve a new level of fitness, but your overall wellbeing will also be enhanced. Here are the promises we make to you when you join the 2-week Fat-Burning Machine Diet jump-start program:


  1. You’ll lose weight immediately and steadily.
    Everyone who goes on the Fat-Burning Machine Diet loses some weight right away. And the weight loss continues steadily for those that stick with the program. The people we’ve surveyed report losing at least one to two pounds a week, and some have had even greater results—six to ten pounds in the first three weeks of the plan. Each person’s body is different, but the results of our test cases show one common thread: the weight loss begins to happen right away.
  1. You’ll look years younger.
    People report looking younger on the Fat-Burning Machine Diet. In fact the tone, feel and tightness of their facial skin changes fairly quickly. They lose the double chin and no longer look “puffy.” The right diet and exercise regimen works wonders on your skin.
  1. You’ll feel renewed energy.
    Experiencing greater energy throughout the day is one of the best things about this diet. Instead of taking frequent rests, you’ll be up to the normal daily challenges, and have energy to spare. Since feelings of exhaustion are common for overweight people—especially those with Metabolic Syndrome—this is a great benefit. And an added bonus is that you’ll sleep like a baby—which also helps you lose weight. Studies show that poor sleep slows down your metabolism and makes it harder to burn fat.
  1. Your mood will be lighter and brighter.
    Mood swings are debilitating. And although they seem to be mental, they’re actually physiological. When your body stores fat and doesn’t process sugar properly, it affects your stress hormones and makes your moods feel like a roller coaster. Anxiety and nerves get in the way of weight loss and also make you miserable. With this diet you’ll be calmer and more clearheaded.
  1. You’ll lose the cravings.
    Nearly everyone who struggles with being overweight describes their biggest problem as food cravings—especially for sugar. Cravings are not a matter of “willpower,” but of physiology. Insulin resistance leads to cravings. As your metabolism stabilizes and you are eating plenty of the healthy fat burning foods, your cravings will lessen.
  1. Your upset stomach will settle.
    Many overweight people have constant digestive distress—especially acid reflux. Acid reflux isn’t just uncomfortable, it creates a terrible cycle of health problems. Diet participants report that even chronic problems with digestion disappear on this diet.
  1. Your joints will stop aching.
    When you’re heavy and unhealthy, you really feel it in your joints. Creaky joints, pain even after light exercises, and a general sluggishness make you feel many years older than your age. Joint inflammation is a related factor of Metabolic Syndrome. Lose the Syndrome, and lose the inflammation.
  1. You’ll feel on top of the world.
    The best thing about the Fat-Burning Machine Diet is that you’ll feel healthier and more alive. You won’t fall prey to every cold and flu that makes the rounds. You’ll be stronger and happier. Who doesn’t want to feel this way? And that’s the promise of the Fat-Burning Machine Diet.