Frequently Asked Questions

How will I feel on the Fat-Burning Diet?
As you change what you eat, you may have a dull headache. This is normal as your body adjusts to the new diet. Soon after, your body will adjust and the headaches disappear. Frequently, people are plagued by constant colds, flu-like symptoms and acid-reflux. It is common for these problems to significantly improve or disappear altogether.
How will this program change my energy level?
You will quickly feel a surge in energy levels and a desire to keep in motion. As soon as your body chemicals stabilize, the ups and downs of insulin surges and carbohydrate crashes will disappear and your energy levels become much more consistent.
Will this program help me sleep better?
As a Fat-Burning Machine sleep will be more regular. The combination of change in nutrition and increased fitness will make you more relaxed. Most people find that they no longer feel tired during the day and they quickly fall asleep at night.
Will I still crave sugar?
Unfortunately, the cravings for sugar may never disappear. Often, the most difficult moment is after lunch and dinner. You may crave something sweet—candy or some sort of dessert. When you feel this happening, try to eat some Greek Yogurt or a high fiber bar.
What if I am hungry between meals?
It is not good to be hungry between meals. In fact, becoming a Fat-Burning Machine means that you should never be hungry. Aim to eat at least 5 times per day and try not to go into any meal hungry – particularly dinner. If you do, there is risk for overeating. It is critical to minimize risk. If you are hungry between meals, eat fresh vegetables. Most grocery stores and many convenience stores have small servings of already cut vegetables available.
Will I be able to control what and when I eat?
Becoming a Fat-Burning Machine means that you are in control of what you eat. The whole idea is to fit this program into your life. Not the other way around.
Do I have to eat pre-packaged foods and take supplements?
The Fat-Burning Machine diet does not require pre-packaged foods and supplements. We want you to eat fresh foods found at grocery stores and restaurants. In the book we give you 50 recipes so you can make your own, delicious meals.
What about eating out?
The book contains menu suggestions for a variety of different restaurants by type and by name-brand chains as well.
Will I feel weak and tired like I did on low-carb and Paleo diets?
Keeping energy levels high so that you can do the activities you love is the real benefit of being a Fat-Burning Machine. This program will enable you to perform better by helping you improve your fitness and performance.
Can I become a Fat-Burning Machine if I don’t or can’t exercise?
Of course you can. Becoming a Fat-Burning Machine means changing your eating habits so that you change from fat storing to fat burning. Syncing fitness to nutrition means finely tuning your Fat-Burning Machine. For people who don’t or can’t exercise, it just means that your Fat-Burning Machine will run slower.

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