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6 Ways to Beat Your Sugar Addiction


You’ve hit the 3 p.m. slump and you’re fighting to stay awake during the last couple hours of work. You start to dig around looking for something to give you a little bolt of energy and you find those delicious chocolate-covered pretzels calling your name. You say “I’ll have just one” but that one turns into the whole bag! And your taste buds keep craving more. You’re plagued with sugar addiction!

You’re in luck. You can escape your sugar addiction. It can be tricky, but with will and determination, you can overcome your sweet-tooth cravings and fall into a fat-burning machine.

6 Ways to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Go Cold Turkey

I know you may not want to do it, but eliminating all added sugar from your diet will do more for you than your addicted mind and body will allow you to believe. Eliminate these five items from your diet first:

  • Sodas
  • Energy drinks
  • Added sugar to any food
  • Candy
  • Baked goods

Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet for 3 Days

If you can commit to three days, you’ve made it through the worst part of ending your sugar addiction. Once you’re through this three-day period, you will begin to feel better and if you can stay the course for one week – you will see positive changes on the scale, and other benefits you never expected.

Know You’ll Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

The tricky part of addiction is that when you are trying to eliminate the bad substance from your life, you’ll feel worse before you feel better. You’re likely to feel anxiety, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, headaches, poor concentration and depression. Some people dream about sugary foods. Recognize the symptoms for what they are – your body is going through a detox process. After detox, you’ll feel remarkably better.

Have Substitutions Ready

Set yourself up for success by having substitutions ready. For example, if you were accustomed to drinking a sugar-flavored coffee for breakfast, try substituting coffee with heavy cream. Though artificial sweeteners have their own set of issues, if you must have “something sweet” in order to kick the sugar habit, sweeten your coffee with ¼ or ½ packet of artificial sweetener – Stevia if it’s available.

Stock your office and home with Fat-Burning approved snacks like nuts, full-fat or 2% plain Greek yogurt, hard cheeses and crackers without added sugars or low-sugar fruits.

Keep Water Handy

When you feel the urge to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water – plain or with a slice of lemon. Wait for 15 minutes and take note to see if your urge to eat is reduced or eliminated.


Exercise can help reduce stress and ending a sugar addiction is stressful. A simple walk around the block can help calm the urge to eat something sweet. Others find yoga or meditation to help them refocus their energy on a positive path forward.

Become a fat burning machine.




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