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Debunking the 5 Great Diet Myths NOW!

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Fall Into Fat Burning Machine


Summer barbecues are gone and the holiday season is around the corner. There’s no better time than now to fall into a fat burning machine.

It’s not too hot or too cold outside, so there’s no excuse. Fall is a perfect time to do a reset and take steps toward the weight loss you desire – and deserve. Purge your mind of three key misconceptions.

DIETS WORK. I’M THE PROBLEM. On most diets people typically lose weight the first week or so, but fail on a long-term basis. Most people think it is their fault for being overweight. They think, “I just can’t control my eating. I needed to go on a diet (any diet) and stick with it. Then my weight problem would be solved.” The take home message is that all diets are good, the dieter is the problem because of lack of willpower.

If your body is in fat-storing mode, it isn’t lack of willpower that is causing problems. It’s that your body chemistry is set up in such a way that each diet will just make you fatter, making you more insulin resistant. In the worst case, your metabolism will slow down too – just like participants on the show The Biggest Loser.

THE RESET: Treat the underlying syndrome, not just the isolated symptoms. You can attempt to address health issues one by one: low HDL cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, an ever-expanding waist—but they are part of a package. The underlying dynamics that cause these symptoms – symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome – have to be understood and addressed head-on, with changes to nutrition and fitness that can be sustained.

A GOOD WORKOUT IS A SWEAT STORM. Many people think that in order to lose weight, you must thoroughly soak your shirt and have rivers of sweat pouring down your face. No wonder exercise and fitness are intimidating and off-putting to some people. The idea of being tortured for even fifteen minutes, let alone half an hour, is simply unappealing. Constant agony, out of breath, falling behind everyone, drenched. Why would anyone want to do that?

THE RESET: Find an exercise or activities you like to do, that fit into your lifestyle. If you choose an activity that gives you pleasure, it will be part of your lifestyle and not a short-term fix.

Conventional wisdom of long, slow workouts (and a lot of them) being the best way to manage weight loss takes too much time and many find it boring. Burning fat actually requires mixing up the speed a bit to ignite your body’s natural fat burning ability.

But, too much intensity that is too long burns sugar. You want short, speedy intervals with plenty of rest to improve insulin resistance. You want Miracle Intervals.

YOU HAVE TO BE HUNGRY TO LOSE WEIGHT. Most people equate weight loss with hunger pains. The torture mentality that if your stomach is roaring and your mind is consumed with cravings for the food you can’t have, you are doing great on your diet. People have been conditioned into believing that weight loss isn’t possible without an empty gnawing in the gut. Feeling full and satisfied seems a recipe for guilt – it probably means you’re cheating.

To that end, being hungry is seen as a badge of honor. Skip breakfast. Work through lunch. Oh, but then. Then the trouble comes in the evening. Like a wild beast, you eat everything in hand’s reach, as fast as you can. That badge of hungry honor backfired into an eating frenzy – too much volume and the wrong foods.

THE RESET: Eating foods the Fat Burning Machine way is satisfying. Being hungry is not the goal and it is the wrong feeling for sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. What you eat is key. You need to avoid eating foods that trigger an insulin overshoot response because these foods make you hungry.

You need fat, adequate protein and complex carbohydrates loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Eat smaller meals and a couple of Fat-Burner snacks during the day stabilizes blood sugar and is much better than a cycle of starvation and overeating foods that trigger insulin surges.

When blood sugar is stabilized, the body releases insulin to utilize food as fuel, rather than to store it as fat.

Stop taking the blame for diets that are unsustainable. Get started on your Fat Burning Machine program now and you’ll be in control of your weight, and your emotions, well before the holiday season arrives.