Meet Gale Bernhardt

gale-bernhardtI don’t have Metabolic Syndrome. I am a Fat-Burning Machine by choice and preference.

I found that the Fat-Burning Machine program approach to diet and exercise helped me feel better, my skin looked better, I slept better, my joints quit aching, I experienced faster recovery from workouts, I needed less fuel during long workouts and races – to name just a few of the positive changes I’ve seen since becoming a fat burner.

You don’t need to have serious health risks to benefit from the Fat-Burning Machine program.

When Mike came to me and inquired if I could help him achieve his fitness goals, I was intrigued by his set of problems and immediately said yes. Others told him he could not achieve his endurance goals because he had a condition that made him insulin resistant. They told him not to exercise more than an hour.

Restricted? Why? I didn’t understand why Mike’s goals were deemed out of reach. I wanted to help.

For over 25 years I’ve strategically planned workouts and nutrition strategies to help people enjoy success. I find great joy in helping people reach their health and fitness goals. I have coached at the highest level of sport, Olympians and professional endurance athletes, and I’ve coached people with far less visible, public goals. I have found the same training principles that I have used to help top-level athletes reach their performance goals help non-professionals as well. It doesn’t matter to me where you begin, I only care if I can help you improve. Improving performance is very personal and means much more than “win a race.”

The best race you can win is achieving your own, personal high level of health, fitness and life performance.

When I began working with Mike, I found the combination of his old nutrition and exercise program kept him from achieving the success he sought. He was bonking (feeling low on energy and light-headed) on the golf course. Training for a marathon made him gain weight. How would he ever be capable of completing an endurance race on his bucket list that had time cutoffs and would take him some 15 to 17 hours?

He needed to change.

I implemented several changes to his diet and exercise program that helped train his body to burn fat and rely less on carbohydrates for exercise. Additionally, by implementing Miracle Intervals and carefully planned workout progressions, we not only improved Mike’s athletic performance – but his insulin resistance improved as well.

Similar to Mike, I too am a researcher. Each week I review current research on health, exercise and nutrition. Prior to working with Mike, I was reviewing and implementing diet and nutrition protocols that challenged old theories of high carbohydrate, low fat diets for athletic performance and optimal health. I knew that research on elite athletes was proving that they are able to significantly change the fuel mix used by their bodies during exercise, by changing the fuel mix in their daily diets. Using some of these nutrition principles, combined with exercise principles I’ve used for years, I was able to help Mike improve his body’s performance. His insulin resistance improved and he also became a better athlete.

gale-bernhardt-olympic-coachThose same principles can help you too.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you have Metabolic Syndrome or not. I don’t care if you are running a paid-entry event or if you are looking to improve your daily life performance. I want to help you improve the quality of your life, beginning from where you are today.

Please join us and find out for yourself if becoming a Fat-Burning Machine improves your health and daily performance – inside or outside of organized sport.

Gale Bernhardt

Gale Bernhardt is a successful coach and fitness consultant. Her experience with top-level athletes is used to help people looking to achieve lifestyle success. She adapts the same training principles used by successful Olympians for people looking to achieve new levels of personal health & fitness.

Gale coached an individual cyclist to success at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. In 2004 Gale was selected to be the USA’s Triathlon Coach for both the men’s and women’s teams for the Athens, Greece Olympic Games. She was also named  as the 2003 Pan American Games Coach for both the men’s and women’s teams.

Not only a coach, Gale is an accomplished athlete herself. She has completed the grueling Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race 11 times and used the Fat-Burning Machine diet to reach her ideal racing weight in 2015.

Gale Bernhardt is the author of 7 books and her writing has appeared in Triathlete, the newsletters (Triathlete, Cyclist, Insider, Runner and Women) Inside Triathlon, Rocky Mountain Sports and Fitness and the VeloNews Gear Guide and other well-known publications.

She is recognized as a fitness authority, with interviews in Outside, Runner’s World, Bicycling, Her Sports, USA Today, Muscle and Fitness HERS for Women, Newsday and Cooking Light to name a few. She was recognized by Men’s Fitness as one of the top online coaches.

She lives with her husband and 2 dogs in Loveland, CO.