When my co-author Mike Berland called me to inquire if I could help him achieve his fitness goals, I was intrigued by his set of problems and immediately said yes. Others told him he could not achieve his endurance goals because he had a condition that made him insulin resistant. They put up roadblocks to his dreams.

I knew ways he could breakthrough those roadblocks – forever.

I implemented several changes to Mike’s diet and exercise program that helped train his body to burn fat and rely less on carbohydrates for exercise. Additionally, by implementing Miracle Intervals we not only improved Mike’s athletic performance – but his insulin resistance improved as well. The best part about Miracle Intervals? They are short segments of going just a bit faster, followed by long recovery intervals. You can do Miracle Intervals walking, jogging, cycling or within nearly any fitness routine.

You don’t have to exercise to achieve results with the Fat-Burning Machine plan, but exercise will help accelerate weight loss. Thousands of people have had successful weight loss and improved health markers by implementing the strategies found in the book, “Become a Fat-Burning Machine.” We’ve had successful pilot groups and I’ve taught in-person classes for people that want more hands-on help to achieve their weight, health and personal well-being goals.

I invite you to join the community of successful Fat-Burning Machines. I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed and I’ll be your biggest supporter. If you have questions about anything, ask. I’m happy to help.

Gale Bernhardt


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