Wakeup Call



“A couple of years ago, before I decided to become a Fat-Burning Machine, my doctor actually called my home and wanted to speak to me. That was weird. What did she find?  She said that my cholesterol numbers were high and she wanted to start me on a medication to reduce them. She explained that over the years, my bad cholesterol had been moving up and my good cholesterol moving down. After giving me a lecture about changing my diet (for the tenth straight year), she prescribed a drug to help with my cholesterol.

Suddenly, it wasn’t the same old annual…Read More »

Steve Kent Copy

The Fat-Burning Machine in me has been awakened! We all have this beast lurking within, but this program is designed to help you get on track and stop the yo-yo dieting and cravings that have plagued many of us for years. So far I have lost 8 pounds over 7 weeks! While this isn’t a huge amount of fat loss, so far, the best part is I feel much better. In particular my atrial fibrillation. I suffer from periodic bouts of atrial fibrillation (AF) – believe me, this is a disease not conducive to physical activity.

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Jan Ruess – In one year lost 63 pounds, 9 inches off her waist and plummeted from size 2X to 10/12

“I pretty much resigned myself to being a big fat lady for the rest of my life.”

That changed in a big way after Jan followed the Fat Burning Machine™ plan and dropped 65 pounds.

Most importantly, she has kept the weight off for over two years.

In 1990, Jan decided to quit smoking. Like many people who quit smoking, Jan turned to food as a reward for staying away from cigarettes. Her weight slowly crept up to 238 pounds; not ideal for her 5-foot-3 frame. Soon she was taking heart pills, suffering from aching joints and her once bubbly personality faded as she…Read More »

Fat Burning Machine Success Story: Sandi Scrimgeour

I’ve been an athlete for 30 years—mainly racing mountain bikes, road bikes and running—but the food thing always eluded me in the complete picture.

I’ve known of Gale’s coaching and racing for a long time. So when I heard she was coming out with a book about nutrition and eating well, I was excited to see what ideas were going to be in the book. I read Become a Fat Burning Machine and I found the information exciting and accurate. I have known sugar to be the cause of metabolic syndrome and a catalyst of many other diseases including one of my…Read More »

Weight-Loss Success: How Janice Scott Became a Fat Burning Machine™

Think you can’t lose weight? Think again. Get inspired by Janice Scott, a Fat Burning Machine™, real-life weight-loss success story. Her journey and weight loss can be your motivation to become a #FatBurningMachine.

I have been in competitive athletics all my life but have never been “skinny”. Previously when I have lost weight it has been with lots of exercise and restrictive calories. I didn’t have to do that with this program. What I found is when I cut out the carbs and applied the Burner principals, I had trouble eating enough!

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Miracle Intervals, Exercise, Weight Loss


If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from Metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance. This stacks the deck against them in their weight loss goals. But the right food and the right kind of exercise can flip the switch, and turn on their ability to burn fat and lose weight. Adding what former Olympic trainer, Gale Bernhardt, calls “Miracle Intervals,” to a moderate walking or biking exercise program is the secret sauce to blasting through weight loss stalls.

Bob’s Story

Bob started his weight loss journey when…Read More »

Featured on Good Morning America: Jump-Start Your 2016 Weight-Loss With ‘Fat-Burning Machine’ Diet Tips

Mike Berland and Deborah Roberts of Good Morning America share the top strategies for getting a jump-start on weight loss in 2016 using the principals of the Fat-Burning Machine 12-week diet and exercise program. Berland puts Robert through the Miracle Intervals developed by former Olympic coach, Gale Berland and demonstrates how easy it is to flip the switch and train your body to be a Fat-Burning Machine….Read More »

Peter Davis

I had gotten to a weight that was making me miserable – 193 pounds! Comments from people were all too frequent and my health was declining. I had terrible back pain, I couldn’t sleep well and I was always tired during the day. I believed it was all attributable to my carrying too much weight. I didn’t want to look in the mirror or step on a scale. I decided to become a Fat-Burning Machine because simply put – I had finally had enough. I had seen the positive impact of the Fat-Burning Machine diet and exercise program had…Read More »

Linda Kennedy

Before starting the Fat-Burning Machine Diet Plan, I considered myself a pretty healthy person. I would eat the recommended fruits & veggies per day, eat mostly lean meats, and exercise regularly. I exercised some 6 to 10 hours a week doing cycling, weights and yoga. But – I was always hungry and struggling because my weight was slowly creeping up. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to get down to my “fighting weight.”

Then along came Gale Bernhardt, Mike Berland and the Fat Burning Machine Diet. After implementing the Fat-Burning Machine program, my weight loss was slow but steady. I’ve lost 10 pounds…Read More »

Ron Kennedy

I have always prided myself in being able to eat pretty much whatever I desired as long as I reasonably balanced the calorie intake with exercise. Through my 20’s and 30’s this approach kept my weight gains below the national average (in 15 years I think I gained about 10 lbs). However, I had borderline high blood pressure and tended to “binge” exercise (no consistency, 4 hour mountain bike ride on the weekend but nothing throughout the week). In my early 40’s I decided to renew a commitment I had made to my self as a teenager…Read More »