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Wakeup Call



“A couple of years ago, before I decided to become a Fat-Burning Machine, my doctor actually called my home and wanted to speak to me. That was weird. What did she find?  She said that my cholesterol numbers were high and she wanted to start me on a medication to reduce them. She explained that over the years, my bad cholesterol had been moving up and my good cholesterol moving down. After giving me a lecture about changing my diet (for the tenth straight year), she prescribed a drug to help with my cholesterol.

Suddenly, it wasn’t the same old annual checkup. Was that it? The slippery slope was starting. Now I was going to be taking daily pills for the rest of my life?  It certainly was a moment to stop and reflect. I took the pills for about a week and I had a bad reaction. They made me hot and itchy. They weren’t for me. Something was going to have to change. It was a wakeup call.

As I looked at my health profile, I realized that the first thing to change was that I had to stop being so passive. Notice that all of the ways I was measuring my fitness were like out-of-body experiences. Someone (or something) was doing it to me. I was just standing there waiting for results, and half the time I closed my eyes and ears so I wouldn’t have to acknowledge the truth. I had to take matters into my own hands. This was a big decision.

Embarking on a health change program is not something that gets done to you. It’s something you do for yourself. You have to put yourself in the driver’s seat and decide to be a fully present participant.”

The above story is an edited excerpt from the book, “Become a Fat-Burning Machine.” Don’t wait until the eleventh hour, it is time for you to start doing something for yourself now.