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Advertising Coke and 7Up to Mothers

nothing does it like 7up

Does it seem absurd to run an advertising campaign to get mothers of infants to serve up sugary soda to their babies?

It does seem ridiculous now; but at one time, it was the goal of advertising executives to convince parents that sugary drinks were perfect for infants and children.

The ad copy on the ad above read in part, “This young man is 11 months old and he isn’t our youngest customer by any means. For 7Up is so pure, so wholesome, you can even give it to babies and feel good about it.”

Yes, that’s right – feed your infant soda and feel good about it.

A second 7Up ad reads, “Seven-Up is so pure…so wholesome! For a fact, you can give this sparkling drink to babies – and without any qualms. Lots of mothers do just that!”



One of Coca-Cola’s ads read, “The family circle is one of our cherished institutions. Simple pleasures, the smiles of young folks and parents come easily in the happy world of home life. The wholesome quality of Coca-Cola fits so properly into this picture – delicious and sparkling, always refreshing.”


There is no doubt that product advertising had a significant influence on the growth of the soft drink industry and, perhaps, the addiction many have to sugary drinks.



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