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Two Tips to Deal with People that Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success with Food-Love


For some people, food means love. They might give food as a symbol of love. Others want to over serve you, or fill your plate with giant portions of food as a way of saying, “I love you!”

There are other reasons people might want to do the things listed above, but let’s concentrate on the friends and family members that love you.

The first example, is a friend of yours brings cake, cookies or candy to your desk and presents it as a gift. “Look what I brought you!” they say with a big smile.

Now what do you do?


Tip #1

Say, “Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate that you brought me sweet treats. I know you may not be aware of my lifestyle changes, but I’m removing these kinds of foods from my diet. I’ve found that they make me feel and look bad. My goals include feeling and looking better. How about we share your generous gift with other people in the office?” (If the person gets angry that you won’t scarf down the goodies right now – that should give you a hint about this person’s intentions.)

The second example is someone in your family that insists on being the designated server. That person serves overly generous portions – simply too much food.

Tip #2

You know this person is going to try to fill your plate, or serve you a huge helping of a single food (usually dessert.) Head the person off before they ever get started by going and getting your own plate. If they are serving food into plates on the table, pick up your plate and don’t allow the person to plop a load of food onto your plate. It is okay if they serve you, but only after you agree on the amount. “I’d love some of that, but I want only a quarter of the amount you have right there – thanks so much!”

Never feel that you have to consume food someone else give you as a show of love for that person. There are many, many ways to show love without adding pounds to your body.