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Weight-Loss Success: How Janice Scott Became a Fat Burning Machine™

Think you can’t lose weight? Think again. Get inspired by Janice Scott, a Fat Burning Machine™, real-life weight-loss success story. Her journey and weight loss can be your motivation to become a #FatBurningMachine.

Janice Scott Before and After

I have been in competitive athletics all my life but have never been “skinny”. Previously when I have lost weight it has been with lots of exercise and restrictive calories. I didn’t have to do that with this program. What I found is when I cut out the carbs and applied the Burner principals, I had trouble eating enough!

The Burner technique that helped me the most was doing 30 minutes of aerobics first thing in the morning before eating. I realized it was the simple act of exercising first thing that helped with my weight loss more so than the intensity.

My other revelation was cutting out the artificial sweeteners that seem to be in everything! I admit it is difficult to do, but totally worth it when your taste buds re-sensitize and you bite into a grape or orange and realize how sweet mother nature made things for us!

Finally, I no longer hate getting dressed in the morning since my clothes all fit well! Stretchy pants are for exercise not because everything else was too tight!

I look forward to continuing my Fat Burning Machine journey and finally being one of those “skinny” athletes!