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Is the Fat-Burning Machine Method Optimal for Treating Metabolic Disease?     


When I read that researchers at the Universities of British Columbia and Toronto in Canada proposed that restricting carbohydrates and combining this eating strategy with high-intensity interval training (Miracle Intervals), I was thrilled.

Three years ago when we were working on the Fat-Burning Machine methodology, we knew of no one that was combining an eating strategy with exercise. After we saw success with Mike and then participants in two pilot programs, I tried to get a university to study the Fat-Burning Machine one-two punch. I couldn’t get anyone to take on the project.

Now, Canadian researchers are hypothesizing that the very principles used to design the Fat-Burning Machine program may be optimal.

While we wait for study results, you can see if the Fat-Burning Machine method works for you. Simply take body measurements and blood health markers before beginning the Fat-Burning Machine plan, then remeasure your body after three, six, nine and 12 weeks. Retest blood after nine or 12 weeks.

It is very easy to see the results for yourself.