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3 Halloween Tips to Avoid Regret


It probably won’t be a surprise that Halloween is the biggest holiday for candy makers. They rake in 8% of annual sales during Halloween. Understandably, you don’t want to be the one house in the neighborhood handing out carrot sticks.

At the same time, you don’t want the profits of candy makers to be displayed around your waist. After all, they enjoy great financial benefits by helping to make you fat. And, if they can get you hooked on the sweet stuff, they stand to profit for many weeks to come.

So how can you participate in the holiday without wrecking your overall goals? Here are three tips to help.

  1. Decide on a limit before you begin. As you are dishing out the candy, it is tempting to enjoy some of the sweet treats yourself. Before tearing open that first wrapper, decide how many bites or treats you will consume. What number will make you feel in control and without regret?
  2. What happens after Halloween? If you happen to have leftover candy, what will happen to it? For many Fat-Burning Machine students, having candy in the house is not a good strategy. Keeping candy around is an invitation for failure. Plan right now to take that leftover candy to the office or anywhere else where it can be given away – far from temptation.
  3. Back on the Fat-Burning Machine plan November 1. Don’t mess around for days getting back on your fat-burning routine. The day after Halloween, you are back at the Fat-Burning Machine eating strategy.