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HOW much sugar has been added to that yogurt? Nearly 7 teaspoons in a cup?!   


I went to a breakfast buffet this morning and like normal, I read the labels on two containers of yogurt. The one on the left is non-fat plain. The one on the right is full-fat honey flavor.

The one on the left has 6 grams of sugars in a cup. Those sugars come from milk’s naturally occurring sugars – lactose. The one on the right has a whopping 33 grams of sugars. If we pull out the 6 grams of naturally occurring sugars in one cup of plain yogurt, that means 27 grams of sugar has been added to the honey flavor.

Did you know that 27 grams of sugar is equal to 6.75 teaspoons of sugar in a single cup of yogurt?!

Can you imagine putting nearly 7 teaspoons of sugar (or honey) in a cup, then topping it off with yogurt?

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