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Ask Coach Gale: What are Miracle Intervals?

Let’s clear up the confusion once and for all about the difference between Miracle Intervals and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

What Are Miracle Intervals?

Miracle Intervals

Miracle Intervals are fast bouts of exercise (anything from 10 to typically 45 seconds long) with very long recovery intervals (2 to 5 minutes). The speed can range from a gentle acceleration to all-out sprints for the very fit folks. The mistake most people make is not allowing enough recovery – enough time and/or low enough intensity.

These powerful little intervals don’t seem that they could do much, but research shows they improve fitness and insulin resistance. I’ve used them for quite some time for my own athletes and I continue to work on new versions of the workouts.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one form of interval training or an exercise strategy that alternates periods of very intense anaerobic work (exercise that burns a high volume of blood sugar) with less-intense recovery periods. The less intense periods are sometimes so short that full recovery is not possible. Typical HIIT workout sessions may vary from between only 5 to some 30 minutes – or more for very fit athletes.

The Major Difference Between Miracle Intervals and HIIT

Recovery is the biggest difference between Miracle Intervals and HIIT. Most HIIT involves maximum intensity for longer periods (1 to 5 minutes) with very minimal recovery time. Some HIIT sessions do include shorter work, but the recovery is also short. One example is 30 seconds all-out on 30 seconds off, cycling through the sequence for several minutes at a time.

People feel absolutely wrecked after these HIIT workouts, and most believe this as a good thing. For people struggling with weight loss and Metabolic Syndrome, HIIT tends to be too much intensity and these sessions are usually done too often. The result is high intensity hunger and carbohydrate cravings in the few hours after the HIIT sessions, which is hard to properly control.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to flog yourself to get results. And that’s a miracle!




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