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Miracle Intervals, Exercise, Weight Loss


If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from Metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance. This stacks the deck against them in their weight loss goals. But the right food and the right kind of exercise can flip the switch, and turn on their ability to burn fat and lose weight. Adding what former Olympic trainer, Gale Bernhardt, calls “Miracle Intervals,” to a moderate walking or biking exercise program is the secret sauce to blasting through weight loss stalls.

Bob’s Story

Bob started his weight loss journey when his doctor told him his blood sugar was becoming dangerously high. Let’s check back in with Bob as he continues his Fat-Burning Machine jprogram to lose weight and lower his blood sugar. Bob is mastering the principals of Fat-Burning foods and avoiding fat-storing foods in his diet.  Now he’s turning his attention to exercise.

During this phase of his plan, Bob is adding Miracle Intervals to his exercise program. Miracle Intervals are short bursts of speed, 30-90 seconds,  followed by longer periods of recovery. They’re designed specifically to address the problem of insulin resistance in people with Metabolic Syndrome.

As you’ll see in this video, Bob has wisely surrounded himself with a support system. This support team is made up of his family, people who love him, want the best for him and are there to encourage him as he makes these healthy changes to his lifestyle. A support system, like Bob’s family, is vital to long term success in weight loss, and being healthy for his family is one of the key emotional drivers that keeps Bob focused.