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5 Reasons Weight Loss is Hard


Most people struggle with weight loss. Though many would like us to believe it is as easy as eating foods from some list and avoiding foods on another list, it’s not that easy. It is just not as simple as “eat this and not that.”

Why is it hard for most people to lose weight? I’ve got five good reasons.


The foods we eat have a direct influence on our hormones. The hormones that affect weight loss include insulin (fat-storing), ghrelin (appetite increaser), leptin (appetite reducer) and PPY (causes a feeling of fullness) to name a few.

Where to begin: Begin to take note if particular foods cause you to be hungry a short time after consumption.


Sometimes we eat out of habit and not hunger. These routine eating behaviors often happen without much thought whatsoever.

Where to begin: For one day, take note of when you eat and why. Are you eating just because it’s a certain time?


It is no secret that some people eat when they are feeling stress. Others  eat when they feel anger, sadness or fear.

Where to begin: When you feel emotional, note if that emotion triggers an automatic response to reach for a bag of cookies.


Are there certain people in your life that are associated with particular foods? For example, do you frequently consume sugary coffee drinks and pastries with one of your friends? Maybe it is the social beer and pizza that happens on Saturday night? Do any of your friends taunt you into consuming foods with them?

Where to begin: Take note if the “occasional” beer and pizza night is really two or three times per month – or more. Also take note if you are eating and drinking because someone else is putting pressure on you.


It is nearly impossible to resist a bowl of candy, a plate of cookies or an open bag of chips that sit on a countertop. Every time you pass the counter, there they are inviting you to partake. This visual que stimulates a response to eat. You might even be tricked into thinking you’re hungry.

Where to begin: Food should be stored in cupboards or the refrigerator.  Move any open access foods to the proper storage location. Best would be if you get the top 10 fat-storing foods out of your home and away from your work location. (Candy, cookies, baked goods, soft drinks, juices, chips, bread, non-fat milk, ice cream and energy drinks.)

Restock your cupboard with the long list of Fat-Burning foods found in the book.

These certainly aren’t the only reasons weight loss is hard – but – armed with awareness, strategies to overcome the challenges and support, I’m know you can succeed. I’ll cover more strategies in upcoming columns.