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5 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Skip crowded malls and long lines this Mother’s Day. Instead take mom outside. For most moms, the best gift you can give is your time.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts and activities that your Fat-Burning mom would love—and can help the family stay healthy too—then take a look at these five ideas.

Nursery Plants or Seeds

Get mom some greenery. It doesn’t matter whether mom loves flowers or a vegetable garden, both types of plants work. It also doesn’t matter whether you buy her favorite plant in a seed form or as a bedding plant. If you do go with the vegetable garden plants, mom can grow her own Fat-Burning Machine veggies! The best part is that you and the rest of the family can help plant the flower or vegetable garden. Gift options can be purchased for $20 to $200.


Some moms are just unwilling to pamper themselves – so you do it for her. A gift certificate for a massage is a nice treat. Ask around to find a reputable massage therapist. This gift can be purchased for $60 to $200.


Moms put in a lot of mileage keeping track and taking care of the rest of the family. If you think your mom would like to see how many steps or miles she cranks out in a day, a pedometer might make the perfect gift. After she opens her gift on Mother’s Day, it is a perfect time to go on a walk with her to it calibrated and test out the device. These devices can be purchased for $20 to $100, depending on the options you select.

New Bike

New bikes aren’t only for kids! Does your mom like riding a bike but she’s stuck with an old bike that doesn’t work very well? She is likely to enjoy riding more if her bike is fun to ride. If a comfort bike or a townie fits her style, a good bike from a reputable bike shop can be had for about $500. An entry level road bike is $1,000 to $1,500.

Brunch and an Activity

Preparing a Fat-Burning Machine-friendly brunch for mom and then doing an activity that involves the family is a great option. Each family member can prepare a different dish for brunch. Before or after brunch, the family can go fishing, organize a game of backyard baseball, bocce ball, bowling, badminton, volleyball, hike, walk or any other activity that your mom would enjoy. This can be a very low-cost option and one that is likely to make mom happy.

If spending time with mom isn’t an option, then set her up with a gift that helps her health or fitness.