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Jan Ruess – In one year lost 63 pounds, 9 inches off her waist and plummeted from size 2X to 10/12

Jan Ruess

“I pretty much resigned myself to being a big fat lady for the rest of my life.”

That changed in a big way after Jan followed the Fat Burning Machine™ plan and dropped 65 pounds.

Most importantly, she has kept the weight off for over two years.

In 1990, Jan decided to quit smoking. Like many people who quit smoking, Jan turned to food as a reward for staying away from cigarettes. Her weight slowly crept up to 238 pounds; not ideal for her 5-foot-3 frame. Soon she was taking heart pills, suffering from aching joints and her once bubbly personality faded as she retreated from the world due to her size.

“I loved Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Smucker’s hot fudge sauce, apple pie, carrot cake, pizza and pasta,” she confesses, also attributing her weight gain to the slowing down of her metabolism as she aged. “I had an insatiable appetite.”

Jan wanted to succeed, to be at her ideal weight, so she tried many diets, including Weight Watchers® and a month-long stay at a fat farm. Because diets didn’t work, she had lap-band surgery, but that resulted in chronic acid reflux, so the balloon installed in her stomach during the surgery had to be deflated.

“I was so bewildered by my failures on other diets that I was skeptical the Fat-Burning Machine program would work for me, recalls the mom and grandmother.”

It was Mike Berland, Jan’s son, who convinced her to give the Fat Burning Machine plan a try. Mike knew that Jan’s quality of life and longevity was put at very high risk due to her extreme weight. He didn’t want to lose her prematurely.

Jan completely changed her diet, trading sugary and high-carbohydrate processed foods for energy-efficient meals such as lean meats, vegetables and healthy fat. Within a year Jan shed 63 pounds, reduced her waistline by 9 inches, shrunk her bust by 8 inches and plummeted from a size 2X to a size 10/12.

Jan weight loss

“My friends can’t believe it, and my husband loves it, concludes Reuss.” But what makes this experience so special is that my kids care about me so much and want me to be around for a long, long time. 

The New York Post did a special profile on Jan’s success. That story can be found here.