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80 Names for Sugar

names for sugar guide

In one of my recent Fat Burning classes, each person brought in a processed, packaged food. I’m not talking about junk food like Twinkies – but foods that are marketed to seem “healthy.” One of the participants brought in a product that was given away in the goodie bag at a very popular race 10K race. The illusion for the consumer is “this product is healthy and good for athletes.”

What we did is examine the label for added sugar to the product. Using the 80 Names for Sugar as a guide, we found that five(!) different sugars were added to the product. Take a look at some of the products you think might be healthy and use my Names for Sugar reference list to see what is in your “healthy” product.

You might be surprised.

80 Names for Sugar

Anhydrous dextrose Glucose solids
Agave Glucose syrup
Agave nectar Golden sugar
Barbados Sugar Golden syrup
Barley Malt Granulated sugar
Beet sugar Grape Sugar
Blackstrap Molasses High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
Brown sugar (light and dark brown) Honey
Cane juice Icing sugar
Cane juice crystals Invert sugar
Cane juice solids Invert syrup
Cane sugar King’s syrup
Cane syrup Lactose
Caramel Maple syrup
Carob syrup Maple sugar
Castor sugar Maltose
Coconut sugar Maltodextrin
Confectioners’ sugar Malt sugar
Corn syrup Malt syrup
Corn syrup solids Molasses
Crystalline fructose Muscovado
Date sugar Nectar
Demerara sugar Organic Raw Sugar
Dextran Pancake syrup
Dextrose Panocha
Diatase Powdered sugar
Diastatic Malt Raw sugar
Dehydrated cane juice Refiners’ syrup
Ethyl Maltol Rice Syrup
Evaporated cane juice Sorghum
Evaporated cane syrup Sorghum syrup
Evaporated sugar cane Sucanat
Florida Crystals Sucrose
Fructose Sugar
Fructose crystals Superfine sugar
Fruit juice crystals Table sugar
Fruit juice concentrate Treacle
Galactose Turbinado sugar
Glazing sugar White sugar
Glucose Yellow sugar

Are you surprised? Let us know your thoughts and comment below.



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