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3 Tips to Get Your Kids (and Other Family Members) to Eat Healthy Foods


Trying to get kids to eat healthy foods can seem like an impossible task for parents. Heck, trying to get yourself to eat healthy foods can seem impossible. We are bombarded with sugary, processed foods at every turn. These foods are highly palatable and they can be addicting for some people.

How do you win the battle against junk food? These three tips can help:

Your palate is trainable. Obesity researchers know that humans have a predisposition to accept sweet tastes and reject sour and bitter tastes. However, our palates are highly trainable. We can train our taste buds to prefer and enjoy foods that are not sweet.

Food preferences begin during pregnancy. By consuming a variety of healthy foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding, moms can help kids enjoy and prefer healthy foods.

Don’t give up. It’s not surprising that persistence pays off. Even when you or your kids don’t like a particular food on the first try, keep trying those foods. Researchers found,  “There are many studies with preschoolers who start out not liking red peppers or squash, for example, but after five to six sessions where these foods are repeatedly offered, they end up liking them.”