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Correction: More than 20 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options


I received a great question about a post I made last week titled “12 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options.” Liz asked:

Q.  Hey Gale! I can see 12 breakfast options if I stay within each row choice. My question is, can I mix and match the “Added Fat” and “Added Carbohydrate” options across rows? In other words, can I choose main course Option 1 (two whole eggs with toppings listed) and stir-fry those in real butter with a side of quinoa? Or can I have Option 3 with a slice of whole wheat toast (rather than fruit or granola?)

If that is the case, I count well over 20 options for breakfast!

A.  Hi Liz ~ Great question and you are absolutely correct, you can “cross rows” to mix and match the added fat and carbohydrate options. I should have caught this because one of my favorite combinations is 2 whole eggs with diced peppers (or mushrooms), cooked in real butter served with a side of fresh berries.

Great catch, thank you!