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12 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options


Breakfast on the Fat-Burning Machine program includes many options. In the left column of the graphic is three options to begin building the base of your breakfast meal. The second column gives topping ideas. The third and fourth columns are options for added fats and carbohydrates. On some days you may choose to have only the main course and toppings. On other days you may add a fat option, without added carbohydrates. On other days you may want added carbohydrate and no added fats. On mornings when you are extra hungry, you may decide to have the main course, toppings, added fat and added carbohydrates. Adding up all the options and choices you have yields 12 breakfast meals on this one small chart.

I encourage you to be somewhat flexible on your added options. When you first begin the Fat-Burning Machine way of eating, you may find that you need more food. As your body adapts and develops the enzymes and other tools necessary to switch from a carbohydrate- and fat-storing machine to a Fat-Burning Machine, you will find that you can be much more flexible and in tune with the foods you need to eat.

For people wanting to lose weight, one of the most powerful skills you can gain is the ability to be in control of when and what you eat.

You control food, it doesn’t control you.




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