Food Labels can be off by 20 Percent


If you once were, or still are, a calorie-counter you may be surprised to know that food labels are allowed to be off by as much as 20%. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Nutrition Labeling Guide notes that for calories, sugars, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, food manufacturers are considered in compliance if they are within 20% of the value shown on the label.

For example, if you select a packaged snack that contains 100 calories – that snack could contain up to 120 calories and still be within federal labeling guidelines. A 150-calorie snack could contain…Read More »

How Obesity Promotes Breast Cancer


Being overweight isn’t strictly a matter of how you look. Being overweight is a major health risk. Period.

Scientists in Germany have found that obesity leads to the release of cytokines into the bloodstream. These cytokines impact the metabolism of breast cancer cells, making them more aggressive.

Being overweight affects long-term health and the amount of money you will pay for healthcare. Wouldn’t it be better to spend more money on vacations and other joyful experiences, rather than pouring that money into doctors, medications, and hospitals?


Study abstract

Photo from study abstract page

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Turning 5 Diet Fears to into Success

If you have a voice in your head creating doubt about your ability to succeed at your diet, you’re not alone. People that have repeatedly tried and failed to achieve permanent weight loss on other programs can easily find minds filled with doubts. Those fears can insidiously undermine progress. To move on, to succeed, these doubts and fears need to be faced head-on so they can be overcome.

Let’s look at 5 big fears/doubts that Mike and other Fat-Burning Machine students have shared.

Fear #1: Will this really work or will I just end up gaining more weight?

Before I became a Fat-Burning Machine,…Read More »

10 Non-Weight Loss Reasons to Exercise



  1. Stress relief. It is well documented that getting your body moving helps relieve stress. Just go for a walk at lunch or take several small walking breaks during the day and you will find that your stress level decreases.


  1. Maintain strength. Most people want to have the strength to climb a flight of stairs and get on and off of the toilet. This easy-to-use 30-minute circuit can help you with strength and endurance.


  1. Family endurance. You don’t need to do races or enter events. You do want the endurance to spend time with your family. When your…Read More »

Toasted Cauli-Rice

Featured: Green Cauli-Rice

If you like the texture and consistency of rice, but don’t want the carbs along with the fat-storing insulin spike, then toasted cauliflower “rice” might be a great option for you.

Ingredients and tools

1 head cauliflower

Sharp knife

Cutting board


Food processor that has a chop feature

Gallon baggie or other storage container



I am specific about the food processor because I read some online recipe blogs that it is possible to use a hand-held grater or a blender. Okay, it is “possible”; but it is a giant mess. Trust me on this one, use a food processor with a…Read More »

5 Fat-Burning Tips from Europe that You Can Use Today

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Rotterdam, Netherlands to attend an international sport congress meeting. In the four days I was in Rotterdam, I noticed a stark difference between the local citizens and those in many other countries. I saw very few overweight people and only one obese person. One.

According to data compiled by Insider Monkey, the Netherlands rank number 6 in the 11 thinnest, skinniest and fittest countries in the world. The overweight population in country is only 13.3%. In sharp contrast, five states in the USA have obesity rates that exceed…Read More »

Is corn okay, if it’s organic?

Follower R.A. noticed that corn doesn’t appear on any of the lists of approved vegetables. The question, “Is corn okay if it’s organic?” is a good one.

Corn is a high carbohydrate vegetable. A ½-cup serving of corn has the same glycemic load as a baked potato with no skin and contains even more carbohydrates than the potato. If you want to eat corn, use it as a replacement for one of your carbohydrate options. For example, rather than eating a serving of bread, rice, beans, quinoa or fruit, you can have a serving of corn (1/2-cob or…Read More »

If You Count Carbs, Don’t Lie to Yourself About Alcohol

You can follow the Fat-Burning Machine program without counting calories or carbohydrates. Just follow the simple food guidelines in the book.

There are people that prefer to tally carbohydrates as one way to stay on track. In my Fat-Burning Machine class, I recommend beginning at 100 to 150 grams. This is a good starting spot for many people. You can make adjustments from there, deciding what value range makes you feel best.

If you count carbohydrate grams, I don’t want you to lie to yourself.

Let me explain.

A question from David:

Q: Hey Gale, I know you don’t push calorie-counting or…Read More »

Two Tips to Deal with People that Sabotage Your Weight Loss Success with Food-Love

For some people, food means love. They might give food as a symbol of love. Others want to over serve you, or fill your plate with giant portions of food as a way of saying, “I love you!”

There are other reasons people might want to do the things listed above, but let’s concentrate on the friends and family members that love you.

The first example, is a friend of yours brings cake, cookies or candy to your desk and presents it as a gift. “Look what I brought you!” they say with a big smile.

Now what do you do?


Tip…Read More »

Best Fruits: Lowest Sugar, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load


I received a great question from a Fat-Burning Machine Facebook follower. Rana asked about the list of fruits shown in the book, “Become a Fat-Burning Machine.” The question was:

Hi, do you have a more detailed fruit list on what is high/med/low sugar. The list in the book does not cover all the fruits. Thx!!!

In the book, I get people started with a chart of high-, medium- and low-sugar fruits. It is a starting point to help new Fat-Burners rein in sugar consumption. Notice that in the meal and snack guidelines, a serving of fruit is always paired…Read More »