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Spring into Fitness With This 30-minute Circuit

No time to exercise is a thing of the past.

When you’re pinched for time and want a combination of cardio and strength work in one session, try this circuit that can be done right from your front door in about 30 minutes.

5 minutes – Warm-up walk at a comfortable, yet brisk pace.

spring into fitness with this 30-minute circuit_illustration spring-into-fitness-exercise-illustration1-2 minutes – Find a curb or stair that you can use to do 12 step-up movements with each leg. Place your left foot on the curb or stair. Keep your toes pointing straight ahead with your knee and hip aligned with your foot, then step up. Lightly touch the top of the step with your right foot, pausing only for a moment, and then return back to the starting position – keeping your muscles engaged to control the movement (don’t just relax). Imagine the muscles in your leg and butt working to make the movement happen. Complete all 12 repetitions with the left leg, then repeat with the right leg.

5 minutes  – Walk at your comfortable, yet brisk pace.

1-2 minutes – Do 12 more step-ups with each leg.

5 minutes  – Walk at your comfortable, yet brisk pace.

1-2 minutes – Do 12 more step-ups with each leg.

2 minutes – Walk at your comfortable pace.

Do the following two segments two times:

20 seconds – You can use a watch or just count 20 steps. Accelerate your speed so it is faster than your “comfortable, yet brisk” pace.

1 minute, 40 seconds – Walk at an easy pace.

3 minutes of easy walking.

In the book, Become a Fat-Burning Machine, there is a 12-week exercise plan that includes more strength training exercises and cardio workouts. On the days, or weeks, that it seems you are pressed for time, combining some strength training with your cardio will keep you on track.

Always remember, some exercise is better than none.




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