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5 Tips on How to Regain Control of Your Eating

For most people who have become successful Fat-Burning Machines, the occasional out-of-bounds meal or snack is not a problem. What I mean by “occasional” is about once per week. These successful Fat-Burners simply get back to their routine at the next meal and no harm has been done.

The real trouble often comes when there is a weeklong departure from your proven Fat-Burning habits… often caused by a business trip or vacation. One slipped meal turns into two, then three, and before you know it you’re returning to the old bad behaviors that made you heavy in the first place. Ugh.

I understand…. I’ve been there, too.

Let me share 5 tips that can help you regain control of the Fat-Burning eating habits that have made you feel — and look — so good.

  1. Stop beating up on yourself
    It’s normal to feel disappointment if you’ve allowed old habits to partially regain their grip on you, but don’t keep beating up. I’m not able to be a Fat-Burning Machine 100% of the time, and I wrote the book! Let’s get beyond the disappointment by planning to eat Fat-Burning foods at the next meal or snack. By taking just one deliberate Fat-Burning step you will quickly return to the road to success.
  2. Re-establish on your winning routine
    You’ve already been a successful Fat-Burner, so you know what behaviors and foods helped you succeed. Forgive yourself of any recent dietary transgressions and commit to getting back to your routine immediately, including gentle exercise and familiar Fat-Burning foods.
  3. Avoid the scale for one week
    If you’ve fallen off the Fat-Burning wagon, there’s no need to get on the scale and feel even worse. If the scale is a place of dread and punishment, plan to avoid it for one week. Focus on your good Fat-Burning behaviors, and plan to weigh-in again in one week. Remember, the scale simply reveals a number; it cannot tell you that you’re a bad person (so stop imagining that!)
  4. Keep some carbs in your diet
    Don’t overreact! Some people want to punish themselves by eliminating all carbs from their meals and snacks. Don’t do it. If you eliminate all carbs you’ll likely end up feeling tired and low on energy. This sets you up for more mishaps. If you think you’re sensitive to fruits, keep them out of your diet for one week. This is just so you can get back to feeling good and in control again.
  5. Remove the temptations
    If fat-storing foods have somehow crept back into your home or office, then get rid of them now! If you can’t bring yourself to throwing the fat-storing foods away, then give them to someone who hasn’t adopted a Fat-Burning lifestyle (like you have). They will be happy and so will you.

You’ve been successful before; you will do it again. Keep me posted on your success. Let me know what you did to get back to Fat-Burning success. Remember: your tips can help others.