3 Tips to Get Your Kids (and Other Family Members) to Eat Healthy Foods


Trying to get kids to eat healthy foods can seem like an impossible task for parents. Heck, trying to get yourself to eat healthy foods can seem impossible. We are bombarded with sugary, processed foods at every turn. These foods are highly palatable and they can be addicting for some people.

How do you win the battle against junk food? These three tips can help:

Your palate is trainable. Obesity researchers know that humans have a predisposition to accept sweet tastes and reject sour and bitter tastes. However, our palates are…Read More »

Correction: More than 20 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options


I received a great question about a post I made last week titled “12 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options.” Liz asked:

Q.  Hey Gale! I can see 12 breakfast options if I stay within each row choice. My question is, can I mix and match the “Added Fat” and “Added Carbohydrate” options across rows? In other words, can I choose main course Option 1 (two whole eggs with toppings listed) and stir-fry those in real butter with a side of quinoa? Or can I have Option 3 with a slice of whole wheat toast (rather than fruit or granola?)

If that is…Read More »

Steve Kent Copy

The Fat-Burning Machine in me has been awakened! We all have this beast lurking within, but this program is designed to help you get on track and stop the yo-yo dieting and cravings that have plagued many of us for years. So far I have lost 8 pounds over 7 weeks! While this isn’t a huge amount of fat loss, so far, the best part is I feel much better. In particular my atrial fibrillation. I suffer from periodic bouts of atrial fibrillation (AF) – believe me, this is a disease not conducive to physical activity.

I…Read More »

12 Fat-Burning Machine Breakfast Options


Breakfast on the Fat-Burning Machine program includes many options. In the left column of the graphic is three options to begin building the base of your breakfast meal. The second column gives topping ideas. The third and fourth columns are options for added fats and carbohydrates. On some days you may choose to have only the main course and toppings. On other days you may add a fat option, without added carbohydrates. On other days you may want added carbohydrate and no added fats. On mornings when you are extra hungry, you may decide to have the main course, toppings,…Read More »

Vegetable Chips – Are They Healthy?


Today’s added sugar food is from Sprouts Farmers Market – Roasted & Salted Mixed Vegetable Chips. People may think that roasted veggies must be healthy, it’s vegetables! Surely no one would add sugar to vegetables, right?

Not so fast.

The eighth ingredient, by weight, is fructose. Sugar.

In every serving size that is a ¾ cup, there is one teaspoon of sugar (fructose) added.

Never assume that sugar is not in a processed food unless you look at the label and verify….Read More »

Energy Drinks and Junk Food May Pose Unique Dangers to Teen Development


I think there should be a skull and crossbones marker on energy drinks and junk food. I doubt any manufacturer will agree with me, but I suspect many parents will.

Any parent of a teenager will tell you that teens are still developing in many ways. In a word, they are immature. The concern is the effects of additives and junk food on developing brains and bodies.

High consumption of one additive, in particular, taurine, has been linked to adverse effects on learning and memory in young and adolescent mice. For females, there is also an increase in alcohol consumption. Of course,…Read More »

5 Things to do When the Holidays Become Overwhelming


I guarantee that if you do these five things today, you can lower stress.

  • Take just one deep breath. Hold for a count of one-thousand-one. Exhale slowly. Out goes some stress and unrealistic expectations. Gone.
  • Relax your forehead, neck and shoulders. Imagine removing all tension from all muscles in these areas.
  • Jot down three things that are great in your life. Don’t just think about them, write them down. There is magic in putting pen (pencil) to paper. Trust me.
  • Recall one good thing you’ve done for someone else in the last 24 hours. Could be a compliment, a phone call, just listening, a…Read More »
  • Chicken Pesto Chimichurri Over Sautéed Spinach

    This is one of the great recipes from the book, Become a Fat-Burning Machine. I often get “yummy!” comments about the recipe.


    2 chicken breasts

    4 cups spinach

    ½ onion

    1 tablespoon olive oil

    1-2 tablespoons Chimichurri Sauce

    2 tablespoons tamari

    ¼ cup pine nuts

    2 tablespoons chevre

    ¼ cup milk



    Salt and pepper chicken breasts and grill 6 minutes each side.

    Slice onion and sauté in olive oil in a saucepan.  Add spinach and pour tamari over greens.  Cook on medium heat just until spinach wilts.

    In a separate saucepan, place chevre and milk on low heat and whisk until incorporated.

    Toast pine nuts in oven at 300 degrees for…Read More »