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What do You Think about Fasting?



Q. Hi,

I’ve read the “Fat-Burning Machine” book with interest and I’m interested about your thoughts on (intermittent) fasting which should also provide sustainable weight loss (J. Fung: the complete guide to fasting).
Please note that I’m an Ironman triathlete (46) trying to lose some kilograms a natural (and legal) way without reducing performance too much.

Many thanks in advance!

Tom S.

A. Hi Tom,

Thanks for writing and asking questions about the Fat-Burning Machine plan. I haven’t read Jason’s book, but I attended the physician’s low-carb conference last year where he and many others spoke about fasting.

There are many different definitions for “fasting” protocols. I think the easiest one to implement as an endurance athlete is a 13-hour fast (only water allowed.) The 13-hour minimum was proposed by a doctor doing cancer research and implementing this protocol several times per week won’t hurt performance.

Let me know you have more questions!