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Fat Burning Tablets Lead to Acute Liver Failure


Sadly, there is a segment of product marketing that sells people the idea that fat burning and weight loss is as easy as popping pills. These pills, marketed as dietary supplements with no regulation, prey on people desperate to lose weight.

Doctors in one clinic concluded that these fat burning pills were the cause of admission to their clinic. The first patient developed acute liver failure and required a liver transplant. A second patient required several surgeries to address severe liver bleeding. The third patient mentioned in the abstract report was treated for two separate episodes of fat-burner-pill induced liver injury.

The doctors eliminated possible causes and concluded that the liver failure was caused by consumption of these over-the-counter fat burning tablets.

I know that being over your goal weight is frustrating and it makes you feel sad and depressed. I also know that weight loss is within reach without popping pills. If you, or anyone you know, are popping over-the-counter diet pills, please stop immediately.

If you regularly read my columns, you know that the principles of Fat-Burning Machine include diet modifications and the option of very modest exercise to promote fat burning in the body. The goal is permanent weight loss and health marker improvements.

Many, many people have succeeded with the Fat-Burning Machine program and you can too.