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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Eating a Cup of Sugar


The Thanksgiving meal is a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends. The social aspects of the day are certainly most important – much more important than consuming large and uncomfortable quantities of food.

Participants in my Fat-Burning Machine class were shocked to know that people eating a typical Thanksgiving meal will consume nearly a cup of sugar.  A cup! They were also surprised to know that with some modifications, they could still enjoy wine, pie and whipped cream.

I’m attaching a chart below that details the amount of fat, carbohydrate, sugar, protein and calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal. Below the typical meal is a Fat-Burning Machine modified meal.

In a typical meal I included a couple of glasses of dry white wine and appetizers. Not everyone will consume alcohol and appetizers, but the items are there so you can see the impact they have on the meal. In the fat-storing meal, I included many brand-name foods for those that use store-bought foods. There are portion sizes included. I asked my class members if the portion sizes seemed in line with what can happen on the holiday and they said yes.

All of the values on the chart were pulled from an online nutrition app. Notice the grams of sugar in just a half a cup of cranberry sauce!

Now take a look at the Fat-Burning Machine meal. Notice that I did keep one glass of wine, baked yams, one serving of pie and whipped cream as well.  I did eliminate several of the items that are very high in sugar and carbs. Those modifications cut out 38 teaspoons of sugar!

At the bottom of the chart, I did include some options to add to your fat-burning meal. These options have a very low impact on the sugar content of the meal.

The holiday is a time to feel good about yourself and those around you. By choosing wisely and limiting portion size, you can have a Fat-Burning Machine holiday and eliminate regrets.

(Click on the chart below to make it larger.)

Thanksgiving meal_edited