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Healthy Fruit: Rethinking the Way You Think About Fruit


“Fruit is natural, so it must be good for you.”

While I never really liked vegetables until recently, I have always loved fruit. All types of fruits–apples, oranges, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, strawberries. In the summer, my favorite meal was a huge fruit salad. I would buy whole watermelons, chop them up and just eat them throughout the day.

How bad could it be for me? Even if it is sweet, the sugar in fruit is natural, not processed. God-given from the tree or the vine, right? I thought I should be able to eat it in unlimited quantities. After a workout, I would love to have a juicy red apple or two (or three). It would taste so good, quench my thirst and help me recover. When I was training, I was told to eat bananas to prevent cramping and to facilitate recovery. Little did I know that bananas were loaded with sugar and were sabotaging the impact of my workouts and making me hungrier.

THE RESET: The more fruit I ate, the hungrier it made me. The sugar levels in fruit were triggering my fat-storing machine. While some fruits have less sugar than others, eating fruit made me want more fruit. I’m not saying that you have to eliminate fruit. It has its place. But it’s not the abundant cornucopia we think it is.

Does fruit make you hungry? Comment below.



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