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Debunking the 5 Great Diet Myths NOW!

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Up to 76% of the World Population is Overfat. We Can Change that One Person at a Time.

Overfat_Maffetone,_et alBecause up to 76% of the world population is overfat, more than likely you or someone you know is a member of that statistic.

Researchers reported earlier this year that up to 76 percent of the world’s population may be overfat. The same researchers have focused their efforts on data from 30 of the top developed countries, with even more alarming findings that up to 90 percent of adult males and 50 percent of children may be overfat!

From the graphic obtained from the study, you can see that researchers squarely put the blame on bad diets. The wrong diet induces insulin resistance (which I address here all the time) and chronic inflammation. This leads to a long list of other health problems.

Let’s work on this together. Let’s eat the right foods, get control over our hormonal responses, keep insulin levels low, feel better and lose weight too.

We can do it!

Research study can be found here.

Image credit: Maffetone, Rivera-Dominguez and Laursen.