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The Fat-Burning Machine™ Story


Helping people succeed is the focus of my business, and the essence of my life’s purpose. It’s what I do. My name is Gale Bernhardt.

For over 30 years I’ve coached athletes at all levels of sport; from professionals to those who just want to stay healthy and fit. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter whether your goal is the Olympics or to simply get the most out of life, diet and exercise are the keys to success.

The problem is that the so-called “experts” have over-complicated weight-loss and fitness.  Their prescriptions have become too confusing and — frankly — unrealistic for normal, busy folks like us.

In 2014 my client Mike Berland asked me to help him attain a “bucket list” goal, but his road block was fat. His weight was holding him back and — despite his regular exercise and constant dieting — he remained overweight.

It was obvious that mainstream diets and popular exercise advice were not working… we needed a fresh approach.

Calling upon my 30 years of experience with weight loss and fitness, combined with new research on fat burning strategies, and Mike’s willingness to try new techniques, we achieved success!

We discovered the root cause of Mike’s problem was a metabolic condition that inhibits weight loss. And it turns out Mike was not alone: nearly 35 percent of Americans suffer from this same affliction.

This affliction, Metabolic Syndrome, is the result of an underlying problem – insulin resistance. An easy way to think about this is to know that insulin is nicknamed “the fat storage hormone.” The foods, or combination of foods you eat control the release of insulin. Too much insulin release and you can become a fat-storing machine. The opposite of what you want!

The great news is that you can change this situation. I can help you learn to change your body into a Fat-Burning Machine. Mike isn’t the only one to see results. Two test groups, thousands of people using the best-selling book “Become a Fat-Burning Machine” as a guide and the local classes I teach are all testimonials that this plan works.

Because I want to help you succeed, let me know if you have any questions. If you want to share your recipes or success story so that you can help other people succeed, send it my way.

I’m looking forward to staying in touch,

Gale Bernhardt