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Are You Emotional Eating or Hungry?

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We must feed our bodies in order to sustain life. Food is an absolute necessity. A part of our pre-programmed survival mechanism, there is actually a hunger hormone, ghrelin, that stimulates our urge to eat. When the urge to eat is associated with a need to sustain life, that’s a good thing.

For some of us, an urge to eat is linked to emotions and not signals from our bodies. Maybe you’ve never thought about this before? Why are you eating?

Are you eating because you are hungry and need to sustain life or because you are emotional?

Emotional Eating vs. Hungry

Here’s a reference chart to help you distinguish between eating because you are hungry and eating because you are emotional:

Physical Hunger-1

Emotional eating or emotional hunger is something I would like you to work towards eliminating from your life. The first step to doing this is recognizing the difference between when you are hungry and when you are emotional.

Right before you get ready to eat something – ask yourself, “Am I hungry or am I emotional?”