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Do You Need a Sports Drink As Summer Heats Up?


If you are a person interested in losing some weight, would you think it’s a good idea to mix up a glass of sugar water and drink it to quench your thirst? Of course not.

I’m certain you are thinking, “That’s ridiculous! One of the easiest ways to add unwanted inches to your waistline is to drink sugar water.”

That is precisely what a sport drink is: sugar water.

Unfortunately, many people have the misunderstanding that sport drinks are necessary for survival in hot weather or when any kind of physical activity is taking place. For the majority of people, most of the time, consuming a sport drink is completely unnecessary. If you are involved in doing heavy physical work or sports activities that are in excess of 90 minutes, and those activities involve generous amounts of sweating, then consuming a sports drink can likely help prevent dehydration and may improve performance by a small percent.

If you are doing an all-out-race, then using a sports drink can help improve performance. However, unless you are doing serious training and racing where you are aiming to lay down some new personal best performances – why would you need or want to consume the extra sugar in a sport drink?

As the weather heats up, instead of reaching for a sport drink reach for plain water. If you prefer some flavor in your water, include a thin wedge of lemon or lime. Infused water is also an excellent option and the flavor is lighter than if you squeeze a slice of lemon into your glass of water. To make infused water, just put a few slices of lemon, lime and/or orange into a gallon jug and let it set in the refrigerator for as little as 15 minutes or overnight. Don’t crush the fruit, just slice it and leave it soak in the water.

If you’re not crazy about the slightly bitter taste that comes from the rind, cut off the rind before putting the fruit slices into the water.

Skip adding inches to your waistline by passing on the sport drinks and sipping your own flavored water. Enjoy the extra hours of daylight and the warm weather, while looking great in your summer clothes.



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