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Is Popcorn Fat-Storing or Fat-Burning?


Q: Hey Gale, I don’t see popcorn on your list of foods. Is popcorn fat-storing or Fat-Burning?

A: Great question. Popcorn is a dangerous food for some people, and in some circumstances.

What I mean by that is 1 cup of homemade popcorn with oil (preferably coconut) is around 60 calories with 12 gms carbs, 1gm fat and 1gm protein. (Depending on how it’s made.) One cup of microwave popcorn is often double the fat calories – from fat and the fats aren’t good fats, because they tend to be trans fats. I advise you avoid pre-packaged microwave popcorn and keep yourself away from health-damaging trans fats.

The second danger is very few people can limit popcorn consumption to 1 cup. It is too easy to sit down and consume the entire bag of microwave popcorn – or an entire bowl of homemade popcorn. Then you are really popping up your carbohydrates. (pun intended). While many diets have advocated hot air popcorn, this corn is 75% carbs and the same exact rules about portion size apply.

Because we are trying to help you keep danger foods out of sight and out of mind as you become a Fat-Burning Machine, we don’t include popcorn on our list.