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You do NOT Lack Willpower – it’s Chemical  


Imagine going to the hospital for some kind of procedure. Hospital staff administers drugs to make you go to sleep. What if you tried to will yourself to stay awake? Willpower to stay awake – would it work?


Your body has a reaction to the chemicals in the hospital and no amount of willpower will keep you awake. Similarly, no amount of willpower will keep you from being hungry or seeking the wrong foods if the chemicals in your body are telling you to eat. Let me explain.

When you eat any food, there is a chemical (hormonal) reaction in your body. There are hormones that drive hunger. A different hormone tells your body to stop eating. The hormone insulin is nicknamed “the fat-storing hormone.”

If you are eating the wrong foods, no amount of willpower can keep your body from storing fat and driving hunger to high levels.

Here are 10 Tips to help you get started on your Fat-Burning Machine journey.