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Debunking the 5 Great Diet Myths NOW!

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Psssst. Want to kill your sex life? Consume sugar.


Would you still guzzle that sugary drink if you knew that your testosterone drops 25% almost immediately and stays low for at least two hours after consumption?

A clinical trial study looked at the glucose tolerance of 74 men between the ages of 19 and 74. Of this group, 54% of them had normal glucose tolerance, 30% had impaired tolerance and 13% were newly diagnosed diabetics. Interestingly, regardless of the ability to tolerate glucose, a drop in testosterone after consumption was noted across all three groups. Additionally, the testosterone drop was independent of body mass index.

Gulping down glucose caused a “significant” reduction in total and free testosterone levels in all men.

If you’re not feeling as frisky as you once did, at minimum cut out sugar. Though this study didn’t look at other foods that cause a spike in blood sugar, it stands to reason that cutting out the foods on the Fat-Burning Machine “fat storing list” can only help your libido.

Of course, if you want to kill your sex drive, keep consuming that sugar.