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Study results confirm why weight gain is not your fault


It’s no wonder you’ve been steadily gaining weight if you’ve been following past low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet recommendations! A large study recently published in the BMJ found that diets higher in carbohydrates cause people to be more hungry, lowered their body’s daily energy expenditure and increased fat-storage hormones.

The 20-week study looked at three different levels of fat and carbohydrate consumption while keeping protein levels constant. It found that when overweight people reduced carbohydrate levels and replaced those calories with fat calories, metabolism increased significantly – some 209 to as much as 278 calories per day.

That’s right – by eating more fat, metabolism increased!

Did the people in the study have to eat “keto” diets to be successful?


The participants in the low and moderate carbohydrate groups ate fat at levels between 20% and 40%, respectively. Both of these groups achieved more weight loss and increased daily energy expenditures compared to the low-fat group.

The study participants achieving the best results consumed fat percentages in the same range as successful Fat-Burning Machine members.

The study results are not surprising to me at all. I often get emails or see people that have been Fat-Burning Machines for over three years and they have happily maintained their weight loss and experienced improved health markers.

The great news is that you too can achieve your weight loss goals without tasteless low-fat foods, measly portions, and excessive exercise. Healthy fat consumption is your weight-loss weapon!