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Wine Glass Size Influences Consumption


In an interesting experiment, researchers found that by increasing the size of a wine glass – while keeping the actual serving size of wine the same – it resulted in an increase in sales of nearly 10%! So just by increasing the glass size, sales and consumption increased. Why does glass size increase consumption? Is this because people ordered more glasses of wine, feeling like they were getting a bargain? Is this psychology part of our recent “super-size-me” mentality? Why have we been trained to think and feel that more is better?

Certainly, affordability and social factors influence our wine and alcohol consumption on an individual level. As you head into more holiday celebrations, be sure your consumption of wine, or any other alcoholic beverage, is controlled by you.

Here are a few tips so you keep control of making decisions about alcohol consumption during holidays or any other time:

  • Whether or not you consume alcohol is your choice. Don’t allow others to bully, shame or otherwise convince you that alcohol consumption is expected or a “must.”
  • Be sure your alcohol consumption is selected and controlled by you and not other people or some subliminal, psychological influence like glass size. This takes conscious awareness on your part.
  • Decide on your serving size and the number of servings you will enjoy before you leave for any celebration.
  • Remind yourself that you are in control – not anyone else. This simple reminder puts all of the power in your hands.