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5 Things to do When the Holidays Become Overwhelming


I guarantee that if you do these five things today, you can lower stress.

  1. Take just one deep breath. Hold for a count of one-thousand-one. Exhale slowly. Out goes some stress and unrealistic expectations. Gone.
  2. Relax your forehead, neck and shoulders. Imagine removing all tension from all muscles in these areas.
  3. Jot down three things that are great in your life. Don’t just think about them, write them down. There is magic in putting pen (pencil) to paper. Trust me.
  4. Recall one good thing you’ve done for someone else in the last 24 hours. Could be a compliment, a phone call, just listening, a gift, encouragement, etc.
  5. Take a 5-minute walk and try to think about just one thing/person/place that makes you happy. Begin the walk with this thought and end the walk with this thought.