Ask Coach Gale: HIIT versus Miracle Intervals

Ask Coach Gale: HIIT or Miracle Intervals

I recently received a question about the difference between HIIT and Miracle Intervals. Now Miracle Intervals are the secret sauce in moving you from being a fat-storing to Fat-Burning Machine, so I want to make sure you understand the difference.

What are Miracle Intervals?

Miracle Intervals are fast, short speed bursts, anything from 10 to typically 45 seconds long, with very long recovery intervals. The speed can range from a gentle acceleration for new people, to all-out sprints for the very fit folks. The mistake most people make is not allowing enough recovery; enough time and/or low enough intensity. These powerful little…Read More »

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If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from Metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance. This stacks the deck against them in their weight loss goals. But the right food and the right kind of exercise can flip the switch, and turn on their ability to burn fat and lose weight. Adding what former Olympic trainer, Gale Bernhardt, calls “Miracle Intervals,” to a moderate walking or biking exercise program is the secret sauce to blasting through weight loss stalls.

Bob’s Story

Bob started his weight loss journey when…Read More »

Beat Metabolic Syndrome


Meet Bob. Bob’s doctor has recommended he make some lifestyle changes to get control of rising blood sugar levels. Bob made the decision to become a Fat-Burning Machine, for his health and for his family. We’re going to be there, every step of the way, as Bob flips the switch – and we hope you’ll join in. Let’s congratulate Bob for taking a powerful and positive step!

Join Bob – Create Your Weight Loss Success Story

Take these four steps to begin losing weight and breaking through the roadblocks of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome that have…Read More »

11 Tips to Ignite Your Fat-Burning Machine

11 Tips to Ignite Your Fat-Burning Machine

Everything you learned about diet and weight loss might just be wrong. In fact, it could be keeping you fat, fatigued and frustrated. These 11 tips will help you flip your internal switch from fat-storing to Fat-Burning and help you break through the weight loss barriers caused by insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

11 Fat-Burning Tips

1.     Slow down. Killer workouts don’t burn fat. Sustained intensity workouts, popular in most gyms today, will burn your easily available sugars, and not your stored fat. The result can be uncontrollable hunger — within hours — and a complete collapse of willpower leading to poor…Read More »

Featured on Good Morning America: Jump-Start Your 2016 Weight-Loss With ‘Fat-Burning Machine’ Diet Tips

Mike Berland and Deborah Roberts of Good Morning America share the top strategies for getting a jump-start on weight loss in 2016 using the principals of the Fat-Burning Machine 12-week diet and exercise program. Berland puts Robert through the Miracle Intervals developed by former Olympic coach, Gale Berland and demonstrates how easy it is to flip the switch and train your body to be a Fat-Burning Machine….Read More »

Five Ways to Prepare Now for Weight Loss Success in 2016

1.Make the commitment to be your best, most healthy self and write down your goal.

It always helps me to have a goal in mind when I am working towards success.  In my political life, the goal is to win the election.  In my business life, the goal is to have impact – either change an attitude or behavior.  To achieve these goals and be successful, I would always start by writing a campaign plan or a business plan.  I would identify the key steps and milestones to track progress and away I would go.

In getting control over your weight, you…Read More »

A Great Strength Exercise You Can Do at Home

Beginning a strength training program doesn’t have to include a gym membership or the purchase of fancy  equipment. You can begin your program with simple, yet highly effective exercises. Let’s begin with a chair squat or chair sit.

As Cathy demonstrates in the first photo, face away from the chair with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart. Use a foot and leg position that feels natural for you. Using the muscles in your legs to control your motion, slowly sit down in the chair. Hold your arms loosely to the side. Notice how you could run a straight line from…Read More »

6 Exercise Facts That Make You Fat


You faithfully work out at the gym. You bike or run. You take exercise seriously, and think you’re doing everything right. So why aren’t you seeing progress on the scale? Why are you still struggling to lose the same pounds and inches? If you’re scared that you’re just stuck with the extra weight no matter what you do, here’s some good news. You might be inadvertently sabotaging your success because you don’t know these 6 big fat-burning facts about exercise.

FACT 1: Many of the machines lie!  You are not burning as many calories as you think you are.

Did you know…Read More »

Kick-start Your Exercise Program

Do you worry that exercise has to be intense and painful to achieve results? Have you tried and given up on exercise programs because you just ran out of steam? It doesn’t have to be that way.

First of all, understand why you’re exercising in the first place. It’s not so you can jump through hoops or wear yourself out. It’s so you can live a high quality life—whatever that means for you. Being fit means being able to go for a pleasant bike ride. It means being able to play with your kids and grandkids. It…Read More »

Don’t like to exercise? 5 ways to get motivated.

I don’t like exercising. Never have, never will.  Here are 5 insights that guide my exercise habits:

    30 minutes is all it takes. I am never so busy that I don’t have 30 minutes to exercise. There are so many excuses of why not to exercise–too busy, too tired, too late. I have to keep reminding myself that it only takes 30 minutes to stay a Fat-Burning Machine.
    So ask yourself, “Do I really not have 30 minutes in your day for myself?” Of course you do—and it will keep your fat burning switch in the “on”…Read More »