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Is snacking required in order to lose weight on the Fat-Burning Machine plan?


Q.  Hey Gale! I am loving the Fat-Burning Machine plan. Thank you so much for helping me see a way of eating that can last a lifetime. (I know you call it a “diet” but it is a new lifestyle for me!) I’ve only been following the plan for three weeks and I’ve lost 6 pounds, I’m not hungry and I’m sleeping better.

In the book you recommend breakfast, lunch and two snacks. As I’ve become a Fat-Burning Machine (yay!)  I sometimes don’t feel like a snack. Because I’m having success, I’m afraid to cut it out. Is snacking required in order to lose weight?

Thanks again – A.K.

A.  Hello A.K. ~ First, congratulations on your success! What you’ve discovered is that as you change your body into a Fat-Burning Machine, you experience less hunger – especially that desperately hungry feeling. I’m happy to read that you are in tune with your body, noticing that you are not hungry. When you are not hungry, don’t snack. Don’t “force” a snack, they are optional.

Keep me posted on your success and let me know if you have more questions.